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Hi I’m Susan, I’m a passionate cook and spend lots of time in the kitchen, not out of duty, mainly because I love it. Along with my friend Caitlin who is also a keen cook we have started Kitchenwarecide. Here we will be discussing all about kitchenware products and the best available kitchen appliances and essentials you can buy on the market.  Without appliances and gadgets the kitchen would merely be just another room in our homes. There are lots of great products out there and lots of not so great also, like with most things. Kitchenwarecide will try to help you decide if a product is worth looking into buying. We hope to be providing informative reviews and articles on kitchen equipment items and kitchen related products as a whole, bringing you a store, social wall and best buys page to help making your decision quicker.

If this site has not been of any help, thanks anyway for stopping by the site and we wish you luck on your quest to finding what you were after.

Please visit our Contact Us page to contact us with comments, questions, or review requests.

We hope you enjoy our site.

– Kitchenwarecide.com team