Best Countertop Dishwasher

Not all kitchens have that spare place for a built-in dishwasher of course so luckily there are other options for people in this situation and that’s a postable dishwasher or get a countertop dishwasher, they are pretty self-explanatory with the dishwasher literally placed somewhere on the kitchen countertop.

They are not as bulky in size as their built-in cousins but are very adequate for most people and their needs and give enough space to wash the dishes for a normal meal.  If it’s a big meal that you’ve had with a few people round for a dinner party or a large family meal, yeah you might have to use the dishwasher a couple of times or do some by hand. I would say a countertop dishwasher on average could do around half the dishes a 24″ built-in dishwasher could so it’s something to be aware of when buying. When you have a smallish kitchen though with nowhere for a built-in model to go and is already stacked with appliances then these can be an awesome option.

A countertop dishwasher can be a great buy if you are single or a couple in an apartment with limited space, maybe you are a senior citizen living on your own who’s not going to create that many dishes, or someone who moves around a bit with their job. They are much easier to manoeuvre than a big heavy built-in dishwasher and will you will not of all that hassle of disconnecting and installing at your new destination each time. They are much the best option if you are having to carry one up a large flight of stairs also as they are much lighter.

Isn’t it just easier though washing dishes by hand?

Well dishwashers are very popular as you know and some people rely so much on them as they lead a busy life and don’t have time to stand around too much cleaning dishes. Some people simply hate the thought of getting dirty with the dishes and let’s face it washing up can be an annoying chore, especially when there is quite a few of those dishes stacked up waiting. Also using a dishwasher does a far better job at getting things really clean with the use of its disinfecting and sterilizing agents.

Would I also make some saving on one of these if they are not as big as a built-in one?

Yeah that is also a good reason to consider one of these, is you can get a dishwasher for much less than you would pay for a built-in (certainly a good one that has an average price of $600-$900), here you can find a decent countertop dishwasher for around $200-$300 so you are making a considerable saving and if you don’t do all that much washing up anyway it is maybe not worth it paying all that money for a built-in dishwasher, and much more practical to look into getting one of these countertop machines.

You can also make saving too using one of these countertop dishwashers with their energy used and the soap and water to clean the actual dishes is half what you would use in a built-in model, so more savings for you to spend on something else.

Also bear in mind dishwashers do come in a skinnier 18″ portable type model so you don’t have to have such a wide 24″ space for a big built-in one, so maybe that’s a possibility for you to look into seeing if an 18″ inch portable dishwasher would fit in somewhere in your kitchen.

Let’s talk noise levels then on these countertop machines

Well after my research of what is available out there for countertop dishwashers, I chose three models that performed well and were fairly quiet also. These dishwashers all register around 55 decibels so they are not that loud but they are also not as quiet as some of the built-in machine  which registers an awesome low of 37 decibels. Still 55 decibels is very good and it won’t be too over-powering if  running when you are in the kitchen at the same time. At 55 decibels it’s pretty much the same noise level as a 18″ portable model so either of these are still a good option if having the quietest machine is paramount to your purchase.


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