Best Snow Cone And Shaved Ice Machine

It may be great owning your own portable ice maker during the summer months to give your parties that constant supply of ice that is restaurant quality and keep those drinks remaining at a nice refreshing temperature, but just as good through the warmer months is having a shaved ice machine to create snow cones drinks for your party guests or you and the family. Kids especially love snow cones and they are so tasty and refreshing to cool your whole body down, growing up I would nag my parents to take me to a stall that did them and I loved them then and still do today.

Perfect thing to have around the home for the summer months

To be able to make them in your own home is great and they are often priced very reasonably for one of the smaller ones that is going to be used now and again. The ones we listed below as the recommended ones to first look at, all come under $45 which is simply a bargain and all produce great tasting snow cones that’s for sure. They are relatively small appliances and take up little space on the kitchen counter and easily store away when not in use.

There are options to also get a larger model that will cater for a larger number of people who attend your parties and will give you certainly faster cones and give you better quality shaved ice that is even nicer to eat. I was very impressed with the Little Snowie shaved ice machine listed below as it created some awesome quality shaved ice but even better still for less than the price of the Snowie, is the Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine, this in my eyes produced the best results and had the ability to provide for people none stop, the thing that put me off the Snowie a bit was it says that it should not be used every day and isn’t for commercial purposes and you will need one of their more expensive one for that purpose, not a great selling point. The Great Northern is cheaper and at an unbelievable price of around $230, can be used whenever and awesome for parties and events where you could even set up your own stall and sell them, think of how cool that would be. If you look at some of the prices of commercial snow cone machines you will soon find out that they are mostly priced around $700-$1000, so you are getting a total bargain with this machine and its made from a company that has been doing these type of machines for parties and snack stalls for years.

How does it work then, what is the process?

Basically the machine shaves away from ice that you have made beforehand and finely shaves it down creating this lovely slushy fluffy snow and then you simply add the syrup of your choice, I very much prefer the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup as its lovely and thick and tasty beyond belief, my favourite flavor being blue raspberry too and they do become somewhat addictable, after you’ve had one I always find myself wanting another.

Children though simply adore them and they make a fun activity to do with the kids

Children love to create things and help mom or dad with some cooking, learning how to help out in the kitchen is imporntant to them, with these snow cone shaved ice machines and their tasty syrups you can buy for them is bound to keep your kids busy for some time and they are perfect for a children’s party or sleepover when you can sample all the flavors and have a nice cool drink in-between play intervals.

So you have to decide of what your needs are, if it’s just for using for your family and a few friends on certain occasions I’d go for one of the cheaper smaller models but if you have summer parties and want to cater for a few more people, then you can’t go wrong at investing in a Great Northern or Little Snowie shaved ice machine, both will give you great tasting snow cones that are equal to those found in malls and carnivals etc.


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