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Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink – Sometimes Two Is Better Than One

Ok there is nothing wrong with a lovely large single bowl sink, usually this is enough for most people to manage with and be perfectly adequate for what most people’s needs are. Lots of people prefer having just the one sink alone, I know I’m fine with my one single bowl and I love it, but that said now and again I wouldn’t mind the use of a double bowl sink or even lust after what it would be like to try a triple bowl, oh aren’t I greedy lol.

Seriously though having that extra bowl can be very convenient for your cooking tasks and if you want to multi-task, like you are wanting to prepare some food and are maybe draining some pasta or washing some vegetables in one sink but you also want to get rid of some pans that are fast becomming stacked up on the countertop. It’s not always practical to be able to do this with just the one sink, sometimes I just wished I had one of these double bowled sinks to allow me to do two jobs in each one and get things done a little faster.

Is it a huge problem, do you really need two?

Well no for me it’s not but for some people they are the perfect solution to their kitchen needs and having the extra sink really does come in for many things like rinsing things off, filling up things with water, thawing things out , draining things off, these go on but you get the picture there can often come a time when having the two sinks as options can come in very handy to someone, especially if they are spending lots of time in the kitchen, making the job that bit easier is always a help and worth considering when you are buying a new sink.

Which type of double sink to get, the undermount or apron style

Well it may very much depend on your current counter top style as to what style of sink is going to work best for you or you may be getting a whole new kitchen done out with a new counter top, even moving house and are trying to decide on the look of your kitchen. I guess it’s all about personal preference as to what you eventually go for, go to the show room and look at the various styles and see which types of sink you really like or have a look of some styles on websites like ours and try to decide to give you a better idea. I myself prefer the apron type as we’ve always had these type of sinks and we even had one back at my parents place when I was growing up.

So when out shopping for a new sink I would certainly recommend looking into getting a double bowl sink, they come in various sizes, some people like a large main sink with a smaller one next to it whilst other people favor more having two equal sized bowls to allow more space for doing more things in each. It’s all down to preference again on which you think will suit your requirement, decision decisions huh, it can be hard making up your mind I know, this is kind of why I started this site to have a closer look at the many types of kitchen sinks there is and to chat about apron sinks like the one I’ve got.

For some people who do their washing up with a dishwasher like so many people these days do, maybe having a double bowled sink is just not really needed but are still worth considering. They can also be installed by yourself if your faucet has the holes that your last sink had and it matches the type of your new sink, then doing it yourself is certainly possible, but if not you will need a new faucet.

So lastly remember that most sinks are sold without the faucet so please take this into account when pricing up for your new kitchen sink, you might find the odd sink that comes with its own faucet though but not many do.

If you prefer an undermount style of double bowl sink I’ve created a section on the site based to just undermount style of sink, please check out that to see some recommendations for some great double undermount sinks.


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