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How Do You Install Kitchen Cabinets

How Do You Install Kitchen Cabinets
How Do You Install Kitchen Cabinets

The price to install kitchen cabinets professionally has skyrocketed, and many homeowners have been inspired to learn kitchen cabinet installation on their own. So, just how do you install kitchen cabinets?

Most homeowners will be looking for ways on how to install kitchen wall cabinets by replacing their outdated or worn out cabinetry. The key is preparation.


Preparing Your Space

When faced with the question of how do you install kitchen cabinets, the first step is preparation. For homeowners who are refurbishing their kitchens, preparing the space properly is the single most important component. After the old cabinetry has been removed, proper measurements must be made and a complete blueprint drawn out. It doesn’t have to be a professional rendering, but good enough to give a general idea of what the space will look like when completed.


Make Out a Complete List of All Supplies

For many homeowners, the cost to install kitchen cabinets is a major concern. It’s important to prepare a complete list of everything needed, including screws, hardware and accessories. In answering the question of how do you install kitchen cabinets, keeping costs manageable is an important component—homeowners should carefully review checklists before beginning to shop for supplies.


Beginning the Installation

After planning, preparing and shopping, homeowners should begin by installing the upper cabinets. One of the common issues in answering the question of how do you install kitchen cabinets is failing to complete each step in order—it can lead to major problems as the kitchen refurbishment moves along.

Installing the upper cabinets first simply makes sense. That way, homeowners aren’t working over the lower cabinets when attempting to install units above them. They have the space to ensure that the upper cabinets have been installed correctly.

The lower cabinets can then be installed before moving on to install units like the countertop, sink, hood and other components.


How to Install Crown Molding on Kitchen Cabinets

Accessorizing the kitchen with the right components goes a long way in determining the look of your new kitchen. Crown molding can make the cabinets stand out and look like they were professionally installed. Homeowners should be careful in selecting the right crown molding, making sure that it doesn’t take away from the overall appearance, but instead enhances its look.

In addition, cabinet knobs are an added component that helps make a new kitchen look aesthetically pleasing as well. The question of how to install kitchen cabinet knobs is fairly simple—it’s just a matter of screwing in place. It’s more a question of making sure the knobs and other accessories add to the overall look and appearance.

The question of how do you install kitchen cabinets seems like a question that most homeowners are fearful of. The cost involved, the preparation and the actual installation are not tasks that the vast majority of homeowners are familiar with. But with the proper preparation and organization, new kitchen cabinets can be installed easily and efficiently.


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