Ice Cream Makers – The Best Buy On The Market

Now ice cream it might surprise you to know dates back as far as the great Persian empire where the emperors would have men ride their horses to high up on the mountains sides to where there was snow and have them bring it back down to the palaces during the summer months and it was then flavored with syrups and spices to create beautiful ice creams. Now an ice cream maker, no doesn’t date back quite as far as that lol and the first one being patented in the 1930s, so they have still been around a long time and have since developed in the great machines we see around today in the stores.

A few people don’t like ice cream, I’ve only met a couple of them that said they didn’t anyway. For most people though, there is nothing more nicer in the summertime or whenever come to think of it as ice cream can be great all year through. It tastes even better let me tell you if you’ve made it yourself with an ice cream maker, luscious homemade ice cream that can take as little as 20 minutes to make.

It doesn’t stop there either, most ice cream makers are capable of doing much more than just creating ice cream and you can also create some great sorbet, frozen yogurt or frozen drinks. What comes with it is a freezer bowl that is double-insulated  with an auto mixer to stir up the ice cream all nice and smooth so it tastes like you get at professional restaurants and cafes.


What types of ice cream maker are there out there?

Well I’ve come across three types of ice cream maker, all have some sort of electric motor in them to drive the paddle to stir up your ice cream, but they all have a different way to cool down the ice cream. There is a counter top maker which is a double insulated walled bowl that has a freezing solution liquid in it that freezes actually below the point of what water does, I’m certainly no expert but it’s something to do with the different temperature when the ice cream is in the bowl and the temperature of the solution making the bowl a different temperature,  you must freeze though the bowl for up to 24 hours before hand so you can only really make one batch at a time or buy more bowls of cause and have lots of spare freezer space. Then there is a the ice cream maker that works very similar to how a food processor operates were the paddle will turn every few moments, preventing large ice formations and keeping it all nice and smooth. These type again fit into your freezer or top of the fridge compartment and can take a long while to process through. Or the last type which is one with its own built-in freezing system.

The ones we recommend are the great Cuisinart models that do require you to put them into a freezer and use the freezing solution liquid, it can take anything up to 6 hours to 22 hours, but pretty much all depends on how fast your freezer can cool something down, best thing is to pop it in the freezer over night and check in the morning by giving it a shake and see if you can hear any of the liquid still moving about, if you do, in that case you would leave it a while longer and keep checking back, then you can work out how long it will take for next time and how cool speeds of your freezer work.

The best things with these also is there are heaps of great recipes too, all sorts of dessert options you can now try out for yourself without the hefty restaurant price tag. If you love cooking, hosting dinner parties or simply love ice cream I fully recommend you have a look around to see which one will suit your ice cream maker needs and get creative with one.


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