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Ideas For Decorating A Kitchen

Ideas For Decorating A Kitchen
Ideas For Decorating A Kitchen

When looking at ideas for decorating a kitchen, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Don’t let that scare you off however, because there are plenty of easy and fun ideas for decorating a kitchen out there. In order to make the project more manageable, it helps to sort it out into different sections.


Paint Color

Picking the best colors for you kitchen walls can seem tricky, but it helps to keep in mind how you want your kitchen to feel. The kitchen is meant to be an inviting place as you stumble in for your morning coffee, so try sticking with warm colors. Oranges, yellows, and reds are great paint colors for a kitchen. The best colors for kitchen walls are those that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Like choosing paint colors, choosing the right kitchen cabinet colors can be challenging. Make sure the cabinets match your choice of paint. For example, if your kitchen walls colors are a light yellow or orange, try choosing a darker, contrasting color for your cabinets, such as cherry or walnut. However, if you are feeling wild, perhaps try for a less conventional color, such as green or blue. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


Kitchen Accessories and Decor

Personal accents can really make or break a kitchen. Use extra counter space to add some personality and set up a collection of funky cookie jars or a nice tea set. Keep the table looking nice with a patterned tablecloth that complements the walls. To decorate a kitchen, frame your grandmother’s old, stained pie recipes.


Ideas for Decorating A Kitchen & Kitchen Decor Themes

When looking for ideas for decorating a kitchen, it’s important to keep a theme in mind. You can center a theme on anything, a color, or perhaps a piece of furniture. Have you always been obsessed with the French countryside? Perhaps you want a sixties themed kitchen. Or maybe you want to connect to your Italian roots. Figure out what will make you smile every time you enter the room and run with it. Then pick paint colors and kitchen decor to go with it.


Some Ideas for Decorating A Kitchen

For a fun, classic kitchen to entertain in, try decorating a country kitchen. Paint the walls a bright yellow, with pine cabinets. Make a centerpiece for the table with a rooster shaped cookie jar. Get cabinets with glass doors and place checkered curtains in them.

For a relaxing kitchen, perfect for a glass of wine, try an ocean theme. Paint the walls white, and paint sea foam green on the cabinets. As a centerpiece, fill a bowl with seashells. To make it a little more bohemian, fill old wine bottles with Christmas lights. If you have the wall space, paint a mural of the sand, sea and skies. If you don’t, hang up your favorite pictures from your best beach vacation.

The only thing that limits your ideas for decorating a kitchen is your own imagination!


Some Kitchen Decorating Inspiration