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Kitchen Cabinets – What Is Your Style Of Choice?

Kitchen Cabinets – What Is Your Style Of Choice
Kitchen Cabinets – What Is Your Style Of Choice

When planning a kitchen remodel, one of the most important aspects of the job is to decide what to do with the kitchen cabinets. Splurging on custom kitchen cabinets can quickly drain the remodeling budget as they can be very expensive, depending on the style of cabinets chosen. To save a significant amount of money and give the cabinets a new look, the kitchen cabinet doors can be replaced. So you really don’t need to spend the earth to get your kitchen looking amazing.


Small Changes with Kitchen Cabinet Doors can make a Big Impact

Replacing the kitchen cabinet doors will provide the kitchen cabinets with a facelift, shaving thousands off of the remodeling budget. Kitchen cabinet re-facing can give the cabinets an entirely different look, making a traditional wood cabinet into a modern look with framed frosted glass doors or a flat surface rather than a grooved door. Once the kitchen cabinet doors have been replaced, the cabinets can be further changed by painting them.

If the budget doesn’t allow for replacing the cabinets or even re-facing them, their look can be updated with a few a cosmetic update. Painting kitchen cabinets will help transform them and they can be further changed with the addition of new kitchen cabinet hardware. If the kitchen will have a modern look, the cabinets can be painted white or black and bar pulls in a chrome or nickel finish can be added to for door handles and drawer pulls to add to the modern design.


Just Add Paint or Stain

Unfinished kitchen cabinets can be stained or painted to help create a look that goes with the kitchen design. Rather than the same oak or walnut finish, stains come in a variety of colors that can enhance the look of the kitchen and add a splash of color to it. Red or green stains go well with white or yellow for a more traditional look. However, for a more modern look, the kitchen cabinets can be painted either a glossy or flat white or black.

Thousands of dollars can be saved instead of spend on new kitchen cabinetry when updating them will work just as well replacing the cabinets. Painted kitchen cabinets like as good as new and the look can be customized for the kitchen remodel. White kitchen cabinets look ultra-modern and sleek, as do black kitchen cabinets, and cabinets are easy to paint over.


Changing the Kitchen Subtly

Remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. Making small changes will make a big impact in the look of a kitchen, especially when it is something as noticeable as the kitchen cabinets. Even if the cabinets are not refaced or painted, just changing out the hardware on the cabinets can give them and the kitchen a new look. While the changes are subtle, they are noticeable.

Painting the cabinets has an even bigger impact and allows the kitchen to be redecorate in numerous ways. A traditionally looking kitchen can be changed to a modern look or even a retro design with just some paint and new cabinet hardware. These slight changes can transform a kitchen.


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