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Kitchenwarecide – Need Help Deciding On Which Kitchen Gadgets To Buy?

Kitchenwarecide – Need Help Deciding On Which Kitchen Gadgets To Buy?

Welcome firstly to our site on choosing a Kitchenware, here we will discuss some recommendations, related articles and general help and info on kitchen appliances and essential kitchen items. I think the kitchen is the most important room of the house, certainly the one I spend lots of my day in and it gets usually pretty hectic in there. Everyone is different, some people like to be in and out of the kitchen quickly but very few kitchens are seen around today without a good few gadgets.


So what are the different types of kitchenware available?

Kitchenware is certainly handy and can make life in the kitchen much easier and quicker to get things done. Anyone who has gone camping can relate to the joy of coming back to civilization and back to their home comforts and to especially get back to using all your favorite kitchen equipment like electric blender, ice cream maker, microwave, stove-tops and all sorts of the other kitchen appliances that tend to be taken for granted but wouldn’t be too practical to go camping with.

For a hundred years, kitchen technology as a whole has made very small changes to adapt to the changes in technology. Then suddenly over the last couple of decades kitchenware is looking like something out of the Jetson’s with all the gadgets been released each year to make out lives easier. Some people’s kitchens have the space age look about them these days with loads of advancements in the trusted kitchen appliances we’ve had around for a few years now. Griddles for one have been slowly evolving to take on different popular shapes, and many of these are less fire-prone than they used to be. It used to be enough that there were motorized versions of many formerly hand-operated tools. Then the invention of blenders changed the game for making frozen drinks, food-processors took over where mincing, dicing, chopping, blending, and emulsifying had been primarily done by hand.


The rise of our modern kitchen appliances, when did it all begin?

The tools of the cooking trade have also taken a few twists and turns since the 1920’s when electric appliances started to become freely available. There have also been some wonderful discoveries in science technology with the microwave of course, which was simply left-over military technology that was then made small enough for home use such as heating up soup and melting butter. The microwaves of old could cook things but with often less than savory results than the great microwaves you can buy today. The newer microwaves check the internal temperature of meats and vegetables with infrared sensors, turning the food accordingly to ensure proper cooking.

Everything from small kitchen appliances to larger kitchen equipment has come a long way from when blenders were simply smaller versions of industrial machinery. Stoves can be gas, electric and now, glass-topped for easy cleaning that does not get hot to the touch. A gas stove now has self-retracting gas jets to make clean-up a straight-forward process. The old farmhouse sink has gotten revamped with an electronic faucet. There is an LED temperature display with touch controls to regulate temperature and water flow. There are knife blocks that have more than a block shape going for them; there is a germ killing knife block which uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria when knives are put away.

I love to keep a check on the advancements in kitchen tech and even more so dreaming of mind-blowingly expensive products for super rich people with fat wallets and where money isn’t even a factor that comes into people heads when they buy something. Some of the cool stuff being developed in today’s world is extraordinary and makes you think what will our kitchens look like in another 50 years.


Kitchenware has seen many upgrades since grandma’s meatballs.

Although things have moved on so much I’ve still not given up just yet on some of my trusty older looking products.  I do like mix traditional with the modern still, especially when it comes to my kitchen sink, I have a farmhouse apron style sink, it doesn’t look all modern like some of the ones you can buy today but to me I just love it. My kitchen looks quite old-fashioned with the kitchen decor and furniture but I do have an equally a love for new gadgets and always get excited when I get something new. I’ve had a few bad buys though in the past so pretty much always these days I will read reviews and stuff about the item online before I buy.

Also as kitchen appliances become more advanced these days they are becoming quieter and easier to use. The modern quietest dishwasher can hardly be heard when standing right next to it. As kitchenware catches up with computers, it is even being linked right to the internet. A refrigerator has come out to end the problem of being away from the house and wondering if there is enough bacon for the following day’s breakfast. This is one of those amazing kitchen appliances that knows what food you have in the fridge and will send alerts to a smart-phone when milk is running low or even take a snap-shot of the food in the ice bin. Even more amazing they can be added to a shopping list automatically and saves you spending time even shopping for food, very clever stuff.


Cookware sets have also moved on so much.

Cookware sets also have changed with the times. Stainless steel and copper are still the metals of choice, but the non-stick variety has entered an entirely new arena. Nano technology is available on some cookware already, making food impossible to stick to the surface and ridiculously easy to clean.  Cooking with the new technology is easier because the metals are ‘smarter’ because they transfer heat even more evenly than before. There is some cookware available which can stir and cook at the same time.  Old-style mixers were great, eliminating the need to beat eggs, sugar and flour by hand and helping to create whipped toppings with ease. The new mixers have recipe readouts attached. There are even kitchen appliances that have scales built-in so that the measuring of ingredients is easy and requires only one step. All sort of kitchen aids are available for new cooks and it can be hard for older people to enter the new age of technology we live in, my mom is one of those people who are very afraid of some of these new products.  But I’m converting her and showing her that new technology can also be fun, only the other day I was showing her something on my iPad, were it was showing these stove-tops which can be linked to an iPad or other tablet, guiding the inexperienced cook in the proper steps and ensuring that the temperature is set properly. Kitchen gadgets are futuristic looking that’s for sure and more advanced than ever before.


Entertaining family and friends using today’s frozen drink machine gadgets.

One thing I love to do is have family and friends over for a girls get together every so often. I rely lots on my margarita maker and use it pretty much on a daily basis for various things. Some new frozen drink machines are also mind-blowing what they can do; some know what temperature the ingredients are at and prevents the container from heating up during mixing. So you can simply go online and watch videos of some really cool recipes for drinks. A splash-proof speaker and video set enable cooks to watch cooking videos and learn, following step-by-step instructions while functioning in the kitchen.

Kitchen essentials are fast becoming imbued with nano-technology and new methods of metallurgy.  Knives are staying sharper longer, spatulas are non-stick to the point where even syrup slides right off, and pots and pans are being created using computer technology to ensure that cooking is as much science as it is art. One of the major annoyances though I’m sure you will agree in the cooking world, is the carbonized or burned food that sticks to the bottom of a pan during the cooking process. With the newer metals and nano particles coming to regular modern kitchens as well as commercial kitchens these days there is less worry that a bit of tomato soup has stuck to the pot and is causing a bitter burnt flavor.

Non-kitchen items too are showing the advancements in technology. For instance, one vending machine is able to cook the food to order and every new vending machine has a computer inside so that it can order more of certain items when they run low. There is a big to-do these days about using ‘non-ice’. Non-ice is a frozen material which goes into a drink but does not itself melt. This keeps drinks cold without watering them down. Motorized cocktail makers can now mix drinks automatically, creating that frothy top that is the hallmark of many famous drinks. There are ice-crushing mixers which can adjust to chip away at ice to a specified size. They can go anywhere from big chunks of ice to the small flakes of ice known as “bruised”. Some of these items are so far and above what our grandmothers used that some have a tough time taking it in. Many kitchens boast one or two futuristic appliances, with fewer taking the plunge and getting the entire ensemble of high-tech gadgetry.

Anyway I hope you share mine and Caitlin’s passion for kitchenware products and have a love for kitchens and cooking in general. We will try to update the site weekly with new stuff and list and review the best buys that we come across. Thanks again for dropping by to our site.


The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family…

~ Mario Batali


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