Margarita Makers – We Take A look At The Best Ones

Now we will look into discussing quite possible the most popular frozen drink machine and that is the margarita maker. I’m sure you’ve been out to a fancy restaurant or trendy bar and you saw all these various margaritas and fancy frozen drinks, maybe you have sampled them yourself, they are certainly delicious but can be expensive also if you have a few of them. I bet you would love to be able to make some of them yourself and host your own party even and get creative with your friends.

These drinks are not simply made in a blender, (no way Jose) like lots of people think they are, they are made up in a frozen margarita maker machine. So why can’t I still make them in my blender, what’s the difference?

It’s true some blenders do have the ability to be able to make frozen drinks but the difference is in the tasting believe me. I’ve tried margaritas made in a blender and I think it must be something to do with the way it crushes and shaved the ice but I found they often tasted much more watery and not as nice by a long shot as one made in a margarita maker. I guess a blender is made to do a number of tasks and mostly it does really well, don’t get me wrong, I love my Vitamix Turbo Blend to do all my food blending, it’s a joy to use but it doesn’t make my margaritas they way I love like my Margaritaville frozen concoction maker can.

Margarita makers are simply designed to make frozen drinks so they are I supposed going to be the best buys when it comes to making margaritas and other frozen concoctions. You can simply choose the ingredients and add them in and the machine takes care of the rest and perfectly blends them all with the ice. I think another reason too they are better than blenders in general is they have a reservoir at the bottom where the ice is stored for when needed so it’s already formed perfectly and machine can blend it all the better with the ingredients.

They are built for speed too and are very powerful with a specialized motor that won’t overheat too fast like a blender can, so they can produce lots more frozen drinks in next to no time, some machines even come with 2 dispensers to be able to create two drinks at once, how cool is that. When you’re busy hosting a party you don’t want to be stuck too long making the drinks do you?

Having friends over can be so great with these machines, you can have some great parties, experimenting with some of the great available recipes out there for frozen drinks and of course it’s all so much cheaper than a night out with the girls in a trendy bar, you can have your own trendy bar at home and entertain your friends, swap recipes and test and taste some of the concoctions you can come up with together.


So do they have any other uses other than making margarita drinks?

Yeah as a matter of fact you can make a whole range of drinks, frozen and none frozen with these machines which make them even more of an awesome investment. They have a setting to make a whole range of drinks as well as margaritas like daiquiris, smoothies, mudslides and many more. I would advise though to not use you margarita machine as a blender because it’s certainly not going to be any good for that and you will waste it, only make drinks in it.

Even make some yummy drinks for the kids; these are great for making healthy smoothies to give your kids some of the essential fruits and vegetables. Also kids love milkshakes too, so get to looking up some great milkshake recipes you can make for the kids or yourself of course, we as adults love a milkshake and a smoothie.

Well if I haven’t convinced you that a margarita maker is a really good product to own then I’m probably never going to but I for one wouldn’t be without mine and it gets used pretty much on a daily basis, we all have a daily smoothie in a morning and I like a nice refreshing drink or two on a night.

Here below are what we believe to be the best margarita maker machines out on the market.


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