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My Farmhouse Sinks – Helping You Choose The Right Farmhouse Sink

Kitchenwarecide – Need Help Deciding On Which Kitchen Gadgets To Buy?
Kitchenwarecide – Need Help Deciding On Which Kitchen Gadgets To Buy?

White Single Farmhouse Sink

The great white as I refer to it, is the kitchen sink of my choice, as it goes so well with my style of kitchen. There are some great white apron sinks being made today that will last for years. I won’t say bring you pleasure as let’s face it you are washing up in them, but they get the job done well and look great which is really what most people want, something that is good at doing what’s it’s supposed to be for.

Single Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Many people though prefer a good-looking single bowled stainless steel sink, that not only looks great in a modern style kitchen but is so easy to clean and will look brand new years after you have bought it. Again there are some super single bowled apron style sinks out there that are going to be perfect for you if this is what you seek.

Double Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Lots of sinks these days feature a double sink to give you that extra facility to do more with your kitchen sink, having a double bowled sink will allow you to prepare food maybe like drain salad ingredients or pasta, thaw something out, washing up of course, fill something with water, there are lots of examples when having two bowls would come in very handy indeed.

Triple Farmhouse Sink

Yes even triple bowled sinks are being made, there isn’t too many apron styled ones out there but quite a few under mounted ones to consider. Here you get even more choices of what you can use the sink for, lots of people with a triple sink choose to have the centre sink as a waste disposer too.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Lastly an undermount kitchen sink, not an apron style no, but they get a mention here cause these are also great options for kitchen farmhouse sinks. It’s really down to preferences really as some people prefer a sink to be under mounted to the worktop. People buying a new sink its maybe the style you are used to.

So I’m sure you’ve come here cause you are thinking of buying an apron style kitchen sink and want to find out more about them to decide which is going to be the best option for you. Well you have come to the right place, we shall be reviewing and showcasing the best farmhouse sinks on the market and reporting on related topics.

We pass on our recommendations of the best current buys in kitchen sinks

We will try to keep the site up to date on recommendations and give alternative top buys in-case models are not currently available or has become obsolete. Lots of time it’s a case of a product being so popular retailers run out of supply for the product and have to wait till more stock comes in before the product is again available, so if you see a product unavailable please either be patient, see if another seller has it elsewhere online, choose an alternative model, or you could email us to ask for another recommendation, we are always pleased to hear from you and to help out in any way.

For a long-time apron sinks have been popular in farm houses all over the world but are very much more these days being seen in modern homes as people are seeing their style benefits, as well as their practical points of it having more depth than a regular kitchen sink. This allows for more space to fit bigger pans and cooking utensils to be cleaned and generally more room to work with. It dates back to early farm houses when they had large families and ate hearty meals which created of course more pots to wash up, so the size of the sink was important back then.







What makes a farmhouse sink so special?

So farmhouse sinks have valued bonus of having a larger depth to them to wash more pots, they are also still making them today cause they are highly sought still , mainly because they can give a kitchen somewhat, a homely vibe to it. They are built to be highly durable, easy to clean as well as being very functional and reliable. On traditional farms it’s not just dishes that need to be cleaned in the sink, they are great for hand washing garments, watering plants, cleaning other household things that wouldn’t necessarily fit into a regular kitchen sink.

Why are they called apron sinks though?

Their name comes from the way the sink is fitted to the work top, an apron sink is fitted right on the edge of the surface top, so the front side of the sink is actually visible and would be up against the apron of the user when they were at the sink. Being in this style also allows for less spillages when filling up liquids I’ve always found and we’ve had one in the family for many years, they make the best sinks in my eyes.