Rice Cookers – Which To Buy!

Rice Cookers – Which To Buy!
Rice Cookers – Which To Buy!

Are you searching for the best rice cookers? The choices are endless and it can be a daunting task. Rice Cookers come in several different sizes and are produced by several different brands. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that rice cookers are from Japan originally but now are manufactured also in China, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. They are mainly of the electrical type for homes but big commercial ones are also made using gas supplies and is named a rice boiler, there are also machines that can do the whole process of getting the rice clean and then going through the cooking process. Rice is a tricky thing to cook to perfection and quite hard to judge about the amount you will actually be able to eat, rice cookers do help with getting it just right.


Types of Rice Cookers

The Rival Rice Cooker comes in a variety of sizes and has excellent reviews. They offer small varieties perfect for a single person or dorm room and larger cookers that will hold up to 16 cups of rice. One popular version is the stainless steel rice cooker, which fits in with any decor and is budget friendly.

The zojirushi rice cooker also comes in many varieties. This brand offers some very high tech options and the cookers are similar to small computers with various settings and timing options to make them useful for several cooking needs.

One rice cooker, the cuckoo rice cooker, claims to make the most visibly appealing rice with a shiny appearance and sticky texture. It also utilizes technology to help perfect cooking rice and other things in the cooker.

Tiger Rice Cooker options are different finishes—white, black, stainless steel—difference size capacities, and different levels of technology. Some are simple with only a few settings and others are more complex and offer a large variety of cooking options.

An aroma rice cooker is another great choice. They offer perhaps the largest variety of cookers and prices ranges, making this brand ideal for any budget. The aroma rice cooker instructions are easy and user friendly, even offering online support.

If an electric rice cooker isn’t something that appeals to you, a microwave rice cooker might be a better option. These cookers don’t take up space on the counter and instead get placed in the microwave to cook the rice. You can rinse the rice in the cooker then add the appropriate amount of water and place it in the microwave to cook. Usually it will take about 15 minutes to fully cook the rice. Once it is cooked simply fluff with a fork and serve.


How to use a rice cooker

Using a rice cooker is almost so easy that it appears it should be a complicated process. However, with most rice cookers, all you need to do is rinse the rice well—the water should run clear—then put the rice in the cooker and add the proper amount of water. Usually this will be one cup of water per one cup of rice. Adding too much water to rice cookers will make for mushy and overcooked rice but adding to little will result in crunch rice. When cooking brown rice in rice cooker, use more water, even up to 2 ½ cups per one cup of rice.


What to Make

Rice cooker recipes can be found in abundance online or in cook books. It’s a very easy way to prepare rice as a side dish or base for a main dish. Most recipes will suggest that you cook the rice separately in the rice cooker then combine the rest of the ingredients after. You can even use rice cookers to cook things like oatmeal and even certain types of cakes.


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