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Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink – The Best Of The Single Bowls

Although I will call this section single bowled apron sink I’m not going to feature recommendation at the bottom of the page feature any white single apron sinks as they have their own section, please see our white apron sink section if it’s one of these you are thinking of buy and want a recommendation. Here we’ll talk about stainless-steel single bowl farmhouse sinks.

Right so a single bowl farmhouse sink is a great option I think for your kitchen sink, they are usually large enough to suit most people and often larger than each individual sink would be on a double or triple bowled sink, so don’t think with it being a single bowl you might not have enough room to do much in. Measure up first of course before you buy and see what sizes are out there but most single bowl sinks will be on average 30-40 inches in length so they give ample enough room to get most sink based jobs done in.

Does it have any advantages over a double or a triple bowl sink then?

Another great thing about a single bowled sink that it has over most double and triple sinks is the actual sink size is that much larger cause there is only the one sink, what this allows for is the ability to be able to fit in much larger pans, a large bucket, plant pot etc so it gives you that added advantage of a roomy space to fit bigger items in. Another one is you can do the dishes faster I always find, yeah you may have the double sinkwhich is great cause you are preparing and draining something on one side but being able to do the pots on the other, well yeah but having the larger bowl can mean you can get going faster with the dishes and fit more in the sink to soak and get rid of some of the dirt before you attempt to wash them.

Lots of people use dish washers these days, so it makes better sense just having a single bowl

If you think about it and you have a dishwasher to do most of the pots you might not really need to have a double bowl sink or a triple even, it’s probably going to be necessary at all. The prime use of a sink is to do the pots in but having a single bowl sink would be more advised so you can fit in the larger pots that won’t fit into most dishwashers so you have a place to wash up those and not trying to awkwardly wash one up in a smaller double sized.  That said you can buy larger double bowled sinks with a large sink and standard size and an extra smaller sink so if you are thinking of one of them then the larger pots is going to be ok and fine to work with a double bowl.

There are plus and negatives on all three styles of sink bowls but it’s just what works best for you, I think it boils down to if you crave more room to do things in your sink over more sinks to do what you want to get done, also the size of the kitchen can come into consideration when you are choosing, with smaller size kitchen it might look out-of-place with a double bowl sink and a single would look better with its kitchen surroundings.

When choosing then you have to sum up exactly what your needs will be and it can all depend also on how much time you actually spend in the kitchen, some people prefer to eat out more and more these days and don’t have the need for an extravagant sink that they are barely going to use, however every kitchen needs a sink (I’ve certainly never come across one without one). Not everyone loves cooking like me I know and maybe have a dishwasher and not use a sink for doing a huge amount of washing up anyway but a nice single bowled sink be it an apron style or an undermount is certainly recommended to have just when you need to do the washing up of the odd plate and utensil or helping to save the planet by washing out your garbage packaging to be recycled.

So choosing the right one for you can be an important decision. It is often the centre-piece in a kitchen and much defines the layout and look of a kitchen’s style, so getting one that is stylish or has the country curves like a white apron farmhouse sink will all depend on tastes. Have a look around and maybe even visit a showroom to see them up and in person to get an idea and feel of which style of sink if going to be perfect for your kitchen, then maybe read some reviews and find out what is working for other people, look at some of our recommendations on our site to get you started perhaps.


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