Soda Maker – Refreshing Sparkling Water Seltzer In Minutes

So soda drinks, let’s face it are a huge businesses and big players in the drinks market, they sell billions of them a year . They do though very usually contain things we have no idea what they are, if they are harmful in any way or what side effects they could give us. I don’t want to get into all that though about are they safe to drink on a regular basis, we all know that too many soda drinks cannot be good for us but it doesn’t stop people buying them and even living off them as their only drink they have all through the day, some people don’t actually drink anything but sugary soda.

Well with a soda maker machine you can make your own healthier soda drink and even use homemade ingredients too and experiment with different flavors to see what is right for you, better still not having to have that extra worry of what am I actually drinking here, these are a great healthier option to a high sugar soda drink you buy in the market.

Do they take long to create a soda drink, I hate waiting?

No you can be quickly producing your drink within 30 seconds, that quick enough for you? and better still they don’t need electricity or batteries either, just great tasting sparkling water in next to no time, much quicker than letting the kettle boil for a cup of coffee even.

So will this save me any money, are there any saving to be made?

You bet there are, you will be saving huge amounts if you normally have been buying cans of soda for the store or even in multi packs. With a soda maker machine you can buy one sodamix flavor that will be equivalent to nearly 33 cans of soda and just one carbonator refills would be equivalent to get this 60 litres of soda you buy from a store. So you can get some pretty good savings with one of these things that’s for sure and helping the family to stay more healthy can’t be a bad thing on top. They do contain sugar but far less harmful amounts of the stuff and still give you a really tasting drink of soda. Also again with it not needing any power from electricity or batteries to operate, it saves you on any energy costs, can’t say many things today offer this can you, not many kitchen appliances that’s for sure.

Are they easy to use then, what do I need to do?

Couldn’t be much easier to be honest, if you can press a button then you’ll be good to go and you will be enjoying a lovely refreshing soda drink within seconds. They also stand tall so take little room up on the kitchen counter and will soon just become one of your regular used appliances like the toaster and kettle.

Lastly have to also mention is these things are so green and yes it is something we all have to be concerned with, saving our planet and creating less rubbish is always a huge bonus to helping that become possible, sure one family isn’t really going to have an effect but the more and more people who become greener orientated and start to work together to try to help around the world it can only be a great thing, with using less tin and plastic bottles as you can now use reusable bottles for your soda certainly will be a step in the right direction.


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