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Something A Little Different – Going Triple

Yes they don’t just make kitchen sinks double bowled these days, you can also find triple bowled sinks. We spend hours in our kitchens, cooking and preparing food and the more spacious the kitchen area is the better. It can be very difficult planning things out when cooking for a number of people with lots of things happening at different times, so to have 3 sinks would be having maximum space and drains to do your cooking and food prep work on.


Why the heck would I need three sinks though?

Well if you don’t know then I guess you don’t need three, as it’s never been an issue for you in the past. These are mainly recommended for those people who are just seeking more space. When you are busy cooking you might have one sink filled with dishes but need to fill something up with water perhaps, be it a large pan, water bottle, water filter, it can be annoying when you can’t get into the sink to fill up what you are wanting to. Also it may be a case that you are preparing a salad and things are draining first with the vegetables and you need to do some washing up, or you are thawing something out like meat.

The middle sink comes in as either somewhere to attach a waste disposal unit and have it be used for your waste or some chose to have it as a third sink, to use when the other two are occupied. It’s the ultimate in convenience basically. Cooking can be stressful when you don’t have so much room and space to do things in just one sink, so having 3 separate areas you can use for sink tasks can really come in handy. Also when cooking you don’t always have time to do the pans and dishes and they soon get stacked high, you may quickly need to re-use a certain pan or kitchen utensil and having that space to quickly get that washed up and back on with your cooking makes life so much easier.

It’s great to have three bowls to do your multi-tasking too when you are doing the dishes, you could opt to do hard to wash pans in sink 1,  that sink is going to get really dirty soon, sink 2 could then be used for lighter washing work like china and cutlery. Then you could use the middle one to rinse things off before you attempted to wash them, I’m sure you are seeing the advantages of a triple bowl now and see how it may be quite useful to have.


I like the sound of a triple bowl but are these not for commercial premises and be too large for a standard kitchen?

Well you can for sure purchase those huge commercial triple bowled sinks and they would need a huge size kitchen to fit into but would still look out-of-place in my eyes cause you will never require that much space with working with an average family size household. The larger commercial looking tripe sinks would only be good for those extra large families or cooking for lots of people on a regular basis, in my eyes wouldn’t be too practical for you average size family. But the good news is they make them now on a much smaller scale for a family size kitchen, they are often not huge in length and consists of two average size sinks and a smaller one in the middle so they don’t take all that much room over a double bowled sink.


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