Take The Cooking Outside With This Top Rated Outdoor Weber Genesis Grill


Are you into outdoor cooking and on the lookout for the best grill to use. The Weber Genesis Grill comes highly recommended and should fulfill most people’s grilling needs and expectations. The grill has 3 stainless steel burners, a 637-square-inch space to do the cooking plus the side burner and a sear station burner.

Genesis seems to listen to their customers and do constant research to find out how to improve the outdoor cookers. With this new model (E-330) they now have a front mounted control panel for the full-on heat settings. The sear station gives your food those perfect grilled marks without losing any actual cooking space. One good tip is set the three main cooking knobs to all the same setting and everything cooking at the same temperature making your food taste delicious and all evenly cooked. It is really handy having the extra space to keep things hot whilst you are cooking other stuff also and the side burners are a blessing. You have a choice of natural gas or propane and too be honest both are great but I would recommend the natural gas option if you live someplace where the climate can get cold as it just works better than propane for cooler climates.

One thing that does set Weber grills apart are the Flavorizer bar system they have devised. The bars basically catch all the drippings that sizzle and smoke and then vaporize to give your food the extra yummy grilled flavors. All the grease is then funneled down the bars into a special grease management system and all making it a breeze to clean up. Which let’s be honest is one of the points that sometimes puts you off when using other grills. All the mess they can sometimes make and getting rid of all that grease can be a major chore but with this it’s just a case of removing a tray and cleaning it, then replacing the drip pan when needed.

Overall it’s a great outdoor grill and Weber have been in the forefront of grilling technology for many years now so they produce only the best outdoor grills and cookers.

Where To Buy: Amazon.com

Price: $799