The Ice Machines Are Here – Which Portable Ice Maker To Buy

Are you contemplating on buying a portable ice maker, well they certainly make a great gift for a loved one and are extremely useful around the home and especially great for parties. They can be so much more practical than having to pop to a freezer each time you need some ice and can be placed pretty much anywhere close at hand. Long gone are the days when you only saw an ice maker in bars and restaurants, you obviously still see the big commercial ones there being used but now like with most products a version for around the home comes our way.

They are so handy to have around the home these days for dinner parties, Christmas celebrations, new year’s parties, birthdays, barbeques etc, you will be able to have a constant supply of perfect ice to be used in your drinks and desserts whenever you choose.

Even more perfect is of course the great benefit on the hot summer days when all you want is a refreshing drink to cool you and the kids down. Maybe the case is you are having some guests for a summer pool party and lots of guests means a high demand in the need for fast ice to top up drinks and keep everyone happy. Just simply create all the ice you need well in advanced of the party and store it away in the freezer or mini fridge and use an ice bucket to store it some place in the shade close at hand and there you have it, a supply of ice to keep the drinks nice and cool. Nothing worse on a hot sunny day is there than a drink of lemonade or cola that has gotten warm.

The downside of the machine is you still have to bag up the ice and take it to your freezer or mini fridge to store it for your party, sadly the small ice makers are great for creating ice fast but they do not have the room to store it all afterwards, for that you would have to step up your budget and purchase a commercial one.

How long does it take to produce the ice?

They do not take too long to produce lots of ice, on average they can start to produce ice in 15 minutes but can be left a full 24 hrs to produce a massive load of 28 pounds of ice that you can then bag up and store in your freezer.  You will soon notice the difference to the quality of ice too that these things can create, nothing like those plastic ice-cube shaped trays that you fill with water and pop in your freezer, those taste not very nice in my opinion but before we got one of these is the way we used to create our ice. The ice created with one of these ice machines taste so yummy and are of restaurant quality, so you will be making ice fast and of a superb quality.

Gone will be the days of having to run off to the store too for a bag of ice like many people still do, a much hassle free way of producing ice that will be much more cost-effective than buying your ice in bags at a store and much more practical for you. Also you can choose to have the ice maker produce what size of ice you desire, some people like big chunky cubes whilst other prefer a smaller size of cube.

One important thing to note is, as these machines don’t hold your ice for a long period so you have to keep an eye on the portable ice maker to check when it’s done and bagging up to the freezer straight away is my recommendation, saves on the electricity too, you don’t want it on when it doesn’t need to be on.  The good things about them though is the sensor will tell the machine when the tray is full so it stops creating your cubes.

So yeah I fully recommend getting one of these if you have parties on a regular basis as they are so practical and give your home its own supply of restaurant quality ice, the last machine too we featured as our top 3 the Luma Comfort IMPC-2800S Portable Clear Ice Maker can create its ice perfectly clear which seems to make the ice last for much longer and it even better to taste.


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