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Undermount Sink – The Best Undermount Kitchen Sink You Can Buy

Now we’ll talk a bit about an undermount kitchen sink, first off an undermount sink is fairly self explanatory and is a design of sink that sits below the counter top; they can also quite often be referred to as recessed sinks.

The most common style of kitchen sink by a long way is a drop in style and next up is the undermount kitchen sink which is becoming more and more popular these days because of the fact people are buying solid surface countertop slabs. These countertop slabs are made from stone, marble, quarts, concrete but probably most popular these days is counter top made from granite.


What’s the difference between a drop in kitchen sink and an undermount kitchen sink?

Well the main difference between the two styles is the lip of the sink that will sit on your countertop slab, if the lip of the sink can accommodate your finger then that will be a drop in style sink and also you can tell with the holes at the back of the sink for the faucet to fix on to. They are simply installed from above and as the name suggests placed in by dropping them in, slowly of course not just dropped from a big height, probably ruin your nice new countertop slab. You will often find that drop in sinks are considerably cheaper than an undermount, mainly because of the quality of the sink.

With an undermounted sink they are built more for quality and lasting longer, you usually have to have your countertop slab cut to the exact size of your undermount sink and with this hole is will be unique to your sink. You cannot really change your mind about the sink later and that’s why they are made of better quality to last you years and the life of your countertop slab, they don’t tend to fail like a drop in sink can sometimes do either.

Undermount kitchen sinks have to fit perfect to your countertop slab whilst a drop in sink tends to be more of a conventional shape and size most of the time, so you could change your sink and still use it on the same countertop slab. They are not so permanent because you can’t see the actual edges of the sink and it doesn’t need to be cut to the exact size.


Are there any advantages of having a undermount kitchen sink over the drop in kitchen sink?

Yeah there are actually, quite a few. One being the quality of the sink is better like mentioned above, they are considerably easier to clean too because the lip isn’t there and things like food and waste can be much easily moved into your sink without having to get over the top of the lip like on a drop in one. Food also can get into the lip over time and give it an odor and they are just generally harder to clean and remain as clean as you would want it to be.

Also an undermounted sink is much sleeker to look at and looks nicer fullstop in a modern kitchen and you can get more options to where the faucet goes as it doesn’t always have to be at the back or where the holes cut like that of a drop in.

All in all I think it’s worth the extra investment in an undermounted kitchen sink, looks better, lasts longer, better quality, easier to clean, and much less clutter.

Some sinks come that will be able to be used for both undermount installation and drop in self-rimming installation though so it’s worth remembering. We have listed below the top sinks to check out if you are looking for a undermount kitchen sink.


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