What If You Wanted To Take The Kitchen Camping

Grub Hub Camping Kitchen
Grub Hub Camping Kitchen

Now this is also a really cool thing we saw over at Werd. Have you ever been camping and just found it all quite restricted on what you can actually prepare for meals, stoves are available already sure but not many stoves can do what this beast can and it even has a place to hang a neat little lantern to help you cook in the dark.

The most useful thing I would say about it is though is the storage facilities it holds.

One of the most annoying things when camping is losing things and where to put things down, especially when you are trying to cook on a regular stove, you may want to re-use a spoon, but no where to put it down. Anyway I think this would be really handy to have on one of those family camping trips.

The Grub Hub is a complete backcountry camp kitchen, equipped with everything you need to turn camp cooking into a gourmet affair. It holds your stove, offers pockets for everything, a soft-sided sink for washing, 9 sq. ft of table space plus telescoping arms for holding lanterns, hydration, pots, pans, paper towels, you name it. It’s pretty much the kitchen equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.