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What To Love About Country Kitchen Decor

What To Love About Country Kitchen Decor
What To Love About Country Kitchen Decor

There is nothing more conducive to getting you in the mood for baking and country cooking than rustic country kitchen decor.  There are so many different possibilities for creating rustic kitchen designs that finding the perfect one can be a fun journey all by itself.

Whether you love the old world feel of a French country kitchen, or the homeliness of a cool country kitchen, it is quite easy to come up with country kitchen decor ideas using what you already have.  If you have old cabinets in your kitchen, you can avoid a major overhaul by simply painting them white or off white.  If you need hardware, look for antique look, or just give the ones you have a nice cleaning to save even more money.


What Defines A Country Kitchen Layout

No country kitchen is complete without a rustic kitchen table.  Visit your local antique stores, yard sales, or estate sales to find antique pieces that just need a little TLC.  Amp up the rustic kitchen feel by using fully sanded logs cut to the perfect height to use as chairs.  Just make sure they are cut evenly, and match the wood used in the table to create a stunning country kitchen decor.  If you don’t want to cut them yourself, you can also find them in stores or online.

No rustic kitchen decor is complete without vintage appliances.  Look for appliances that are in good working condition from the 1950’s and give them a good cleaning.  Vintage refrigerators and stoves are still widely available, and provide an extra dose of country kitchen feel.  If you are concerned with using old appliances, look for some of the vintage feel models for an update that still screams rustic.

A true rustic country kitchen must have wood floors.  While this is a bit different from the normal tiles, it really ties all of your rustic kitchen decor together.  Just make sure to by flooring that has been treated to protect it from spills and drips!


Applying The Finishing Touches

Your windows need to be incorporated into you country kitchen decor as well to really bring the room together.  If you have those wonderful paned window frames, and you don’t have any privacy issues, forgo the usual blinds and curtains.  If you need a bit more privacy, look for some beautifully rustic gingham or fruit printed curtains to match the rest of the room.

Another great addition to any rustic country kitchen decor is an island.  You can opt for a true vintage inspired one; simply use an old, antique desk.  If it looks rather banged up and weathered, even better!  You want your country kitchen to look like you actually use it!

Country kitchen and rustic decor can create a space that allows you to handle all of your cooking and baking tasks while still being able to look amazing and bring real charm to your home.  If you need some ideas, check out these pictures of country kitchens to get you inspiration.

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