Which are the best rated laundry washing machines?

Which are the best rated laundry washing machines
Which are the best rated laundry washing machines

The average American family washes a little more than one load a day. That is why buying a washer is an important decision. No one wants to end up with a washing machine that doesn’t get clothes clean. Some machines may not remove water efficiently during the spin cycle so clothes take forever to dry. Some are not energy efficient and cost more money to run than others. Because this is a household appliance that is often used every day, it is important to check out what reviewers and consumers are reporting about washing machines.

Front loader or top loader?

1. Front loading washing machines are considered the best and most efficient washing machines. Their tubs are horizontal and clothes fall in and out of the water so less water is required for full loads. Front loaders are gentler with clothes and tend to have faster spin cycles that wring out more water. The disadvantages of front loaders are that water and dirt gets trapped in the tub which promotes mold growth and odors.  The wash cycle is lengthy and some take up to 100 minutes to complete. The top rated front loading washing machines according to Consumer Reports are:

  • Kenmore – A
  • Samsung – A +
  • Maytag – A
  • Electrolux – A +
  • Whirlpool – B+
  • LG – A
  • GE – A+

2. Top loading washing machines are easier to load and cheaper to buy than front loading. The least expensive top loaders have an inside agitator which spins on an axis that churns the water to clean the laundry. Top loaders generally use more water and electricity so they are more expensive to run. Higher efficiency top loader models have different cleaning mechanisms but are more expensive. The best top loading washing machines according to Consumer Reports are:

  • Samsung – A+
  • LG – A
  • Maytag – B+
  • Whirlpool – B+
  • Speed Queen – A+
  • Kenmore – B
  • GE – B-

Other considerations when purchasing a washing machine include larger capacity models that will save time, energy, and water because more clothes can be washed in one load. Also, higher spin cycle speeds mean more water removal from clothing and quicker drying time. Sticking with a basic white washer saves money; typically about $100. Professionals recommend that features are carefully evaluated as many customized programs aren’t particularly useful or necessary. Experts state that extended warranties aren’t a good idea.  Finally, manufacturers or utility company may be offering rebates on certain energy-efficient washers.

Another reviewer ranked washing machines somewhat differently than Consumer Reports. These categories included:

1. Best Budget Washing Machine

In this research group test, the best budget buy was determined by overall performance, customer reviews, feedback and value for money.

Front Load Washing Machine – Maytag MHW6000XG Front Load Washer

Top Load Washing Machine – Haier HLP23E Top Load Washer


2. Best Overall Washing Machine

In this research group test, the best overall washing machine was determined by comparing factors such as the cycles, number of water levels, capacity, cleaning, and noise level.

Front Load Washing Machine – GE GFWH1400DWW Front Load washer

Top Load Washing Machine – Speed Queen AWN412S Top Load Washer


3. Best Full Featured Washing Machine & Dryer

In this research group test, the best fully featured washing machine and dryer was determined by comparing, cycles, features, capacity, cleaning results, drying results, noise levels, efficiency and general quality and performance.

Front Load Washing Machine – Electrolux EIFLS60LSS_EIMED60LSS_EPWD15SS Front Load washer and Dryer

Top Load Washing Machine – Samsung WA456DRHDWR_DV456EWHDWR Top Load Washer and Dryer


Reviewers and consumers have provided input on what their best choices are for washing machines. Consumers will differ on what attributes in a washing machine are the most important. Once they decide on those, the suggestions made by reviewers could be helpful to narrow the selection down.


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