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Which Traditional White Apron Farmhouse Sink

Now everyone has an idea of how their perfect kitchen set up would be and what kind of cooker they would like, how it is all laid out and what the sink will be like. I have always loved farmhouse style kitchens since being a young girl and it stems from my aunt and uncle, who owned a farm back when I was growing up, I would often be around theirs, as I loved the animals and farm life and being out in the fresh air. The kitchen was always the hub of the home and always had lots going on, they had one of these white style apron sinks which was huge and deep. I’ll be honest I can’t actually remember doing much of the washing up there but I used to help out cooking with my aunt and always thought it was a great kitchen and the kind of kitchen I wanted when I was older.

I like lots of traditional and old-fashioned things and still love the countryside although I live in a city. I have my kitchen fitted out with a lovely white farmhouse sink that, well I’m not going to lie and say I enjoy doing the dishes lol, that would be madness, but I do appreciate its size in getting the job done quickly and with ease. I do love cooking very much and will often be in the kitchen doing something or other, so having a good quality sink is very important to me.


I think it’s all their shape for me, I love the clean curvy sides

When thinking about why I prefer a white farmhouse sink in fire-clay as opposed to a stainless steel one is I thinks it is its beautiful curvy shape and its strong and sturdy like a bathroom basin they look more inviting to touch for some reason, can’t explain why. I also love the depth of them, mine is a Barclay one and its about 10 inches deep I think which gives me plenty of depth to do my pots and pans.

When you are out shopping for a new kitchen sink, getting one of these is really worth considering , these types of sinks look great in a real traditional sense and often have a more homely feel to them I think. That said if you have a modern style kitchen, I would certainly go with some of the great stainless steel ones you can get, they go much better with modern homes I think and are very stylish and sleek. But if you have a country-style kitchen or actually do live in a farmhouse then I really think you cannot go wrong with a beautiful lush round and solid white farmhouse apron sink.


Do you think these type of sinks maybe look out of date in todays kitchens?

I think these style of sinks will always have a place in lots of people’s hearts and will remain popular for years to come, that’s another great thing about them is they last for years and if taken care of will look just as good as new long well into their life span, not saying stainless steel don’t though as they are a great investment too that can last for many years also. With though many things today you do get what you pay for in this world, get a good quality sink at it will last you years, but something made cheaply and it will sadly not last very long and will need replacing so you might end up losing out in the end.

I think people still opt for a white sink with it being their perfect color for a kitchen sink as they match so well with most kitchen’s look, it’s a classic color that really never goes out of fashion. With it being a centre-piece to your kitchen, neutral colors like white leaves you free to experiment with the rest of the kitchen’s look and get more creative with color as most colors blend really well with white, even better than grey in most cases. I still think people like these style of kitchen sinks, they may not have the sleekness of a grey stainless steel sink but can be equally sought after when people are searching for a kitchen sink.

One thing I would advise to you if you are getting a new kitchen fitted with work tops and cabinets is to not get you countertop cut yet until you get your sink in to make sure you get it cut to the perfect size to allow your new apron sink to fit perfectly.


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